Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fox House

This Italianate 1876 house was originally the home of Jackson Fox, a prosperous farmer, and his wife, Melissa, with their ten children.
Jackson lived in this house until his death in 1899. His widow remained there until she died sometime after. Other generations lived in the house until it was donated to Crossroads Village in 1975.

The following, taken from the Flint Journal, reveals more about the Fox house than I can find elsewhere:

Here's a surprise: Kalamazoo, Michigan man gets a special birthday by visiting family homestead in Crossroads Village in Genesee Township

by David Harris | The Flint Journal
Monday December 29, 2008, 10:00 PM

GENESEE TOWNSHIP, Michigan -- Jackson Fox Jr., his wife Katrina Schuur-Fox and his brother, Steve, stood around a table Monday in the 132-year-old house, eyeing an ancient land deed from when their ancestors bought the property.

The deed was dated from 1837 and said "United States government" on the top.

"Isn't that neat?" exclaimed Schuur-Fox as she peered at the document.

All around them was family history. There was the parlor room with wood floors where the family used to gather around for years.

Next to the parlor was the dining room where they used to have Sunday dinners and Thanksgiving. There were the pictures of the original owners, Jackson and Adeline Fox, and their 10 children on the walls.

The family gathered for Jackson Fox Jr.'s 60th birthday. The house now is located in Crossroads Village.

Jackson Fox Jr. of Kalamazoo is the original Jackson Fox's great-grandson.

The elder Fox built the house, which originally was located at Carpenter and Branch roads in Genesee Township, in 1876.

Jackson Fox Jr. said it is rare to have so much family history.

"I don't think many people could ever point to a home that belonged to their great grandparents, let alone set foot in it," he said. "It's a way to connect to your ancestors."

About the Fox family:

1837: The family comes to Genesee Township from New York and buys 80 acres of farmland, building a log cabin.

1876: Jackson Fox builds a two-story house with nine rooms and lives there for the rest of his life.

1940s: The house undergoes restoration.

1975: The house is donated to Crossroads Village, where it stands today.