Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Attica Hotel

The Attica Hotel is the building on the left.

Situated directly across the road from the Horton-Colwell building, this 1870's Georgian-Colonial style structure was originally known as the Williams House, and later the Schirmer House, after the family's that owned it.
At one time it also included a post office.
William and Betsy Williams, with their 14 children, were the original owners. They settled in Attica, Michigan in 1851, William being in the lumber business. He had built a sawmill on Williams Lake (now Grass Lake).
Being the savvy businessman, he and a neighbor financially enticed the Port Huron & Lake Michigan Railroad to construct their line by their mills by contributing $17,000 to the railroad.

The above photo was taken during the Civil War Days weekend,
which Crossroads, unfortunately, no longer has.
(more on that in a future blog)

It's now used as a souvenir shop.

~Walking to the Ball~
(The side of the Hotel)


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