Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Horten-Colwell Building

Our first building in this series, the Horton-Colwell Building, was built in 1869 by Dexter Horton and David Colwell in Fenton, Michigan. It's original location was on the corner of LeRoy and Caroline Streets.
It housed many businesses over the years, including a post office on the first floor from 1869 until 1883.
The building includes a second floor.
Churches, schools, and fraternal organizations used the 2nd floor Opera House. The "FLT" in the brickwork is a symbol for the Oddfellows International fraternal organization.
General Tom Thumb, famous through Barnum, once appeared there in 1879, as did Lily Langtree, the famous opera singer. Prices for the entertainment was twenty five cents for adults and fifteen cents for children.

Besides the opera house and post office, there is a country/souvenir/"Dry Goods" store and a cafe tucked inside.
So, here it is for your viewing pleasure. If I find anything else on it, I will be sure to print it here.


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