Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mason Tavern

The photo below shows the tavern with lively 1860's townsfolk enjoying a summer celebration.

Daniel Mason, a native of New Hartford, New York, before immigrating to Michigan, built this structure as a stagecoach inn and tavern around 1850. It soon became a popular stagecoach stop along the route of the Flint and Fentonville Plank Road Company, which was established in 1849.
From 1853 to 1871, Mundy Township's first post office was also housed here. The tavern and post office continued to operate until shortly after the Flint and Pere Marquette Railway came to the area. In 1879, Mason sold the property and moved to Flint, where he died in 1880.
Crossroads Village recently re-opened this building - actually, I believe 2010 was the first time the Mason Inn/Tavern has been open to the public since its relocation here. And it truly is a beautiful building to see.

Here is the guest dining area of the tavern. It would have also been used as the local post office. From what I understand, the mason Tavern was used partly as the post office.

The parlor - family only!

Here is the dining area - although I don't know for sure, I believe this was set up for the owner of the tavern and his family.

I have not had the opportunity to see the 2nd floor at the time of this writing. Maybe one day...


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