Friday, September 12, 2008

J.E. Barbour M.D.

This is an exact replica of the 1880's doctor's office where Dr. Julius Barbour practiced his medicine in Bristol, Indiana.
Originally from the Flint, Michigan area, Barbour enlisted in the Civil War at age 14 and studied medicine during his tenure in the army. Afterward, he attended schools to learn both general medicine and homeopathy (herbal cures) as well. The Flint Academy of Medicine banned homeopaths from practicing in the area, which was why Dr. Barbour, in 1879, moved to Indiana, where he lived until 1908.

Off to visit the doctor.
An office visit was usually fifty cents to a dollar. But, most doctors would also accept a chicken, ham, or other food instead.

The waiting room.
The doctor's desk in the waiting room.

This next photo is of the actual examining room.
In Crossroads, the doctor's office is located just around the corner from the Attica Hotel.

(Please click HERE for more information about 19th century doctors)


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